From ROBERT to DESIRE COVID-19 exposure notification

On April 2020, the PRIVATICS Inria team (FR) and the Fraunhofer (DE) colleagues designed the CNIL-approved ROBERT privacy preserving exposure notification protocol, used by the French StopCovid/TousAntiCovid national app, and available since June 2nd. The PRIVATICS team also designed the DESIRE protocol on May 2020, as an advanced solution.

We followed several key goals with ROBERT:
  • (Goal #1) be efficient: it's of course the primary goal of any exposure notification app;
  • (Goal #2) be sovereign: because this is the only way to keep full control of technical choices and citizen's data;
  • (Goal #3) be privacy friendly: such a service is sensitive, and privacy - our research topic - is a must.
With DESIRE, we added one more goal:
  • (Goal #4) be flexible: "one size does not always fit all". DESIRE enables country-specific deployments.